G105: Rangers lose slugfest to the Devil Rays 10-8

Uh, hello? Do we have any pitching? I didn’t think we’d fall apart this badly with Kenny out on suspension. Wow.
Chris Young seems to have hit a wall, and that’s bad since there’s two months left in the season. He went and gave up 7 earned runs on 8 hits (with one BB and 1 HR) in his 3.1 Innings pitched. He also had 82 pitches over this time frame. That’s the mark of a really struggling pitcher. James Baldwin wasn’t much better, giving up 2 ER on his 2.2IP. Brocail, Gryboski, & Loe weren’t bad, but the first two did a bunch of damage.
Offensively, we tried to stay in the game. Was one of those “no pitching, score a bunch of runs back and forth” games. We pulled to within 9-8 after 6 innings, but that was it for scoring save for a lone run the Rays got in the top of the 9th. Carl Crawford was the start of this game – man can this guy fly. Was nuts watching him get triples to the left field corner.
Also, I see where there was a fireworks problem at the ballpark – a minor fire issue on the roof, and the Kids park in center field was evacuated. I wonder if that’s what those two sets of fireworks that went off in center field was about during the game last night. When they showed the smoke, it seemed like a different kind of smoke than we normally see for fireworks (meaning the smoke is normally up in the air, not right off the roof like that shot was on TV).
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