Devil Rays series

I’m busy trying to wrap up a project today at work for the weekend, so I likely won’t have time to update for the last two games in the Devil Rays series.
Was nice to see us find the can of whoopass and unleash it last night against the Rays. Too bad we couldn’t actually do that regularly, we might have a shot at making a run at it, but this team is just too inconsistant for that.
Good to see Phil Nevin get in the groove last night going 3 for 4, scoring four times. He had a homer, a double, and a single. Good night for him. Hopefully the first couple of games were just jitters.
Baltimore comes in this weekend, minus Rafael “Giambi” Palmeiro. I’m also really annoyed that the Oates ceremony isn’t on TV before the game (if you get the Newberg Report, I was the the reader he was talking about who told him it won’t be on TV). Thanks Fox. By picking this game for national, we lose not only our own coverage guys, but we don’t get the pre-game ceremony. That’s doubly annoying as I can’t go – even though I have a ticket, so I was hoping to see it.