Rangers take 2 out of 3 in Seattle

I had a nice weekend with my wife and kid, and decided I’m not going to do updates for the Mariners series. Was nice to take two out of three up there. A few notes from the series:
1) Not surprised to see Kenny Rogers booed when he took the field. I wonder what kind of reception he’ll get in Arlington his next start?
2) I was pretty surprised to see the Mariners DFA Bret Boone. I’ve never been a big fan of his, mostly because of his “bat flip” stuff – but he still struck me as a good player. I don’t want him here (not that there’s any room anyway), but I have to imagine someone will pick him up pretty quickly.
3) It’s a good thing the Rangers don’t have Safeco field as their home park – there were SEVERAL balls hit that were outs, which would have been home runs in our park. Hank Blalock got screwed out of two home runs in the same game that way.
4) Shame Kenny didn’t get a win on Sunday – he pitched pretty damn well, and deserved a win.