G93: Yankees Homer Rangers to death 8-4

Jack Benoit started off this game in unbelievably spectacular fashion. He struck out the first four batters of the game. It was electric to watch! He then went and gave up back to back home runs to Jason Giambi & Jorge Posada. But even after that, I felt good. Benoit was pretty decent tonight. Through the first four. Then came the fifth, and when rookie Robinson Cano hit a three run home run, I felt like that was it. The ship had sailed. And sail it did. It also left behind three more home runs, for a total of 6 by the Yankees.
That’s pretty much the story of this game. Home runs all over the place.
It was a depressing thought, the end of this game. Because it felt like we weren’t in it, even given the decent pitching we got the first few innings. I thought we’d beat up on a journeyman pitcher for the Yankees, and we didn’t. Starting to feel bad about the overall direction of the team this season. I never believe it’s OVER until there’s more concrete proof of it. There are still two months left, and we could pull a rabbit out of our hat. But with Kenny being out for awhile, coupled with the state of what’s left behind him, I can’t say I have a lot of confidence.
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