G86: Ranger survive another one 9-8 on Jamey Newberg (& Rusty Greer) Day

This was the (what appears to be now annual) Jamey Newberg game. This is where folks who get Jamey Newberg’s newsletter all gather together and attend a game. Last year there was a bunch of is crammed into the biggest suite they have out in left field above the bell. This year there was something like 200 of us, and we were spread out over ten suites which seemed to be above Sections 206-216. As with last year, even though I scored the game, my heart wasn’t into it, as folks were chatting about the Rangers, the Futures game on TV, and other things, so I’m not writing much about the game, except this. Nice to get a sweep and go into the break only 5 down. I’d say most of us would feel pretty good about that.
The get together was nice, as I got to talk to some people I didn’t know, some I did. A really nice mix. This was Rusty Greer Day where the team honored Rusty, showed a bunch of highlights, had some former players there, etc. They gave Rusty some gifts, and basically was nice to see him back out on the field again. Hopefully gets more involved with the team soon. As a father, I understand the desire to want to be with your kids very well, though.
There was a lot going on, as it was also the toy drive game, and those who brought at least one toy got put into a raffle for some door prizes. I won one, I got an autographed Drew Meyer ball – very nice. Thanks Jamey!
Before the Rusty Greer ceremony, we were all in the auditorium that’s behind the the museum. We had several speakers, one being Will Carroll (always a good chat), Asst GM Jon Daniels, as well as John Wetteland, and finally Jim Sundberg. Was nice of all those guys to come talk to us fans, so it was all appreciated.
Anyway, here’s some pictures of the proceedings. During the auditorium sessions, I had some issues with red eye. I tried to fix it, and in a lot of cases I did, but unfortunately I couldn’t repair Jon Daniels’ pictures. I posted one of him. It’s not great, but the others I took were even worse.
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  1. ross says

    I got the pleasure of chatting with you for a while during the game… I sat next to you for the first 5 innings, but i had to leave after that to finish getting certified for scuba diving. I like the site so far and enjoyed talking to you at the game.