G82: Rangers get slammed out, 7-4 on Tuesday

Well, I only superficially was paying attention to this game, as I needed to do a few things related to baby care. When I came back to peek at the score, and saw it was 7-0 starting the fourth, I turned it off. I find as my attention is demanded elsewhere more often I have less patience to watch games that we get bombed early in.
We did come back to make it at least respectable, 7-4. but it felt like it was 70-4. Always is with Wakefield. You either blow him out with 8 runs in the first 1.2 IP, or he does what he did, make you look stupid.
We looked stupid last night.
One thing I did like, even if it was at the Rangers’ expense was Manny Ramirez’ grand slam. That gives him 20 for his career, and he’ll break the all time Grand Slam record held by Lou Gehrig (needs 4 to do that). I’ve always liked Manny. Don’t have a concrete reason. Manny’s also the only player who I have a foul ball from. About 6 years ago, when Manny was with Cleveland, he hit a foul off the hand of Aaron Sele, and I got it. My one foul ball in about 33 years of going to baseball games. :)
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  1. Patrick says

    They say you have a 10 percent chance of catching a foul ball at a game in your lifetime.