G101: Rangers take the final game in Baltimore, 2-1

This game was almost a complete opposite of the game from the night before. This game was crisp (2:38 vs almost 6 hours with rain delay), it had good pitching. If you put the two teams together, it was a total of 18 innings, and only 3 earned runs were given up. That’s an ERA of 1.5.
The scoring was easy – the Orioles scored their run on a single to left. Our two runs came on solo home runs in the 6th and 9th (Soriano & Dellucci respectively). There was a total of 17 hits between the two teams, which you would think would account for more than 3 runs, but there you go. :)
However, the best thing to come out of this game was the fact that Sidney Ponson got hurt. Not that I ever wish hurt on people, but from a baseball standpoint, that will prevent him from being traded here, I would think. His name had been talked about, but to be honest, I don’t want Ponson in a Ranger uniform. I can’t see where he’s any better than what we have. He might be an innings eater, but I can’t get excited about him, especially given the Chan Ho Park type awful contract he has. So thank you Sandy Alomar Jr for that.
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