G72: Rangers finally win, 6-5 against Astros

Well, we finally won a game. Early on this game felt like ours from the start, and the Astros didn’t have a chance. We were out 6-0 after 3. Chris Young had a no hitter going into the sixth inning. This was our game. But the June 2005 edition of the Texas Rangers almost allowed it to get away.
Chris Young & Mike Young were the story of this game. Chris Young went 7 innings and gave up 3 runs -a good start by all measurable accounts; it felt marred though given the way he exited, having given up a bunch of runs at the end. Mike Young continued to own Brandon Backe, going 9 for 9 career against him after his first two at bats. Both of which were home runs.
Cordero had to come in and get a save in game when he shouldn’t have had to. We won, but it didn’t feel all that good to me.
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