G68: Rangers drop opener in Anaheim 5-1, fall 2.5 games back

These west coast games are murder on my personal viewing habits. They start at 9PM, which is when my wife and I pretty much go into “Let’s start getting the baby ready for bed” mode, which mostly involves washing bottles, and getting ’em ready for the next day. So by the time the baby is asleep, and the wife’s gone to bed is when I get time to myself where I can watch the Rangers game. By this time it’s almost 11:30, and I’m not going to make it through 3 hours of a game, so I watch games in fast forward. I watched this entire game in about 45 minutes last night forwarding on my TiVo. Would have been asleep otherwise. Thanks Mr Hicks for letting MLB off the hook about moving us to the AL Central. That’s become a regular complaint of mine lately. I’m fairly sure it won’t do a damn thing, but I still want to gripe about it. Now if TiVo could figure out how to put those 9PM games at 7PM where they should be, I’d be happy. :)
Given the fact we got behind immediately didn’t help much – that makes me want to skip forwards anyway. :) Chris Young gave up a home run to Vlad Guerrero. No shame in that, Vlad can hit a home run on a ball 6 inches below the dirt. But it still doesn’t make for a good game when he hits one in the first inning. That kind of sets the tone for the game, and it’s never a good one. Thing is Paul Byrd never let us in the game. He had an amazingly low pitch count (92 pitches over 9 innings). He allowed 6 hits, and just one earned run, which was Dellucci’s solo home run. This was definitely Paul Byrd’s game.
As a Phillies fan, I remember Paul Byrd when he pitched in Philly, and as well when he pitched for Atlanta. For the most part he was a pitcher you groaned at when he took the hill. Don’t know what’s going on Anaheim, but he certainly seems to have figured it out. At the least last night he did anyway. He killed us, and with Guerrero also on the stick (har har), we didn’t have much of a chance.
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