G65: Rangers beat Nationals 8-1 on Friday

This was an interesting Kenny Rogers day. First off, he had another great pitching performance. He went 6.1, giving up 8 hits, and just one earned run. Struck out 4 and walked three. His usual 2005 pitching performance. But the Rogers real moment of the day was the remark in the press about how he’s not going to talk to Hicks about a contact extension, he’s “authorized Scott Boras to do that after the all star break”. Great way to get inside the team’s head there, Kenny. He also said there will be no “hometown discount again”. To my knowledge, he never got one. When he left the first time after 95, he was talked out of town by Boras to higher money. When he left after the 2002 season, it was because Boras convinced him there was to be better money than the Rangers were offering, which was WAY overpriced at the time. He had to sign a last minute desperation deal with the Twins. He came back here this current time on a deal that no one else was offering. I think Boras will talk him out of town again. Let’s see how much Kenny REALLY wants to stay here. But I can’t feel that the discussion about this issue will be a distraction, especially if it starts carrying over into the press. Stupid Scott Boras.
Back to this game.. Offensively, we mounted a 15 hit attack, lead by homers by Hank Blalock & Kevin Mench. Blalock was 3 for 5 with 3 RBI’s and a run scored. We also had three doubles (Soriano, Young, Mench). Every starter had a hit in the game, so it was pretty well balanced. We did strike out a bit too much (9 times, 3 by Dellucci), and walked only three times.
I missed most of the game due to baby related stuff that evening, but saw enough to see the important parts. :)
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