G62: Rangers finally beat Braves, 6-3

A few complaints. Why take Chris Young out? As evidenced by what followed, he could have done better. And second, why do we keep putting Cordero in with huge leads? He always gives up a few runs. That’s starting to annoy me.
But the rest of the night was great. We were led by Chris Young, who seems to be the #2 of the staff. He’s got that feel about him the last several starts that he’s a big time big league pitcher. Sure, he’s young (har), and he’s got a lot to go through still, but you can’t help but feel good about the way he’s pitched lately. He pitched a 7 inning 2 hit shutout with just one walk and seven strikeouts. I would have left him in for more, but you can’t argue with how well he pitched last night. It was fabulous!
And Alfonso Soriano led the charge with two home runs, and 4 RBI’s. Soriano’s swing looked great all night – he actually had two more swings that looked like home run balls off the bat. One died on the track in center field just to the edge of Greene’s Hill. The other one REALLY looked like a HR ball, but died on the track in front of the scoreboard, and was caught by Ryan Langerhands for an out in one of the best outfielder catches I’ve seen in this ballpark. One handed over the head, crash into the scoreboard, and land face down in the dirt on the track. Was very impressive. Was also nice to see the Ranger fans giving him a hand on TV for that. Classy move.
Mike Young went 1 for 3, and is now batting .309 after being pretty slow early in the season. Teixeira is at .286, although his power numbers seem fine, and seems to be a pretty good candidate to get elected to the All Star game by his peers, as the moron fans seem to be electing Tino Martinez, who doesn’t deserve it. My gut feeling says we’re sending Mike Young & Mark Teixeira, along with Kenny Rogers & Chris Young to the All-Star game. I feel that we’re not sending Blalock this year – have no hard facts on that, just a feeling.
It’s nice to finally beat the Braves. We’re now 1-6 lifetime against them.
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