G61: Topes Win! Topes Win! Losing streak is over with 6-2 win on Sunday

The losing streak comes to an end with a 6-2 win on Sunday afternoon over the Marlins. After the way the road trip went, I personally find it hard to get excited after a win there, but a win is a win I suppose. We’re still only 2.5 games out of first, and seem to have enough to stay in contention (although likely not get anywhere in the playoffs should we get there).
RicRod was called up formally for Sunday’s game and went 5 innings, giving up just two runs on 7 hits and three walks with 7 strikeouts. That’s a terrible WHIP, but since only two crossed the plate, it’s not all bad. :) Another 2005 newcomer John Wasdin was perfect in his four innings of relief, getting the odd save. We had surprising pitching from a surprising source. Like most Ranger fans, I felt good about RicRod last year, then felt awful when he got wailed on with a batted ball, and it ended his season. I really hope he can rediscover that form of mid last year, as it would be a big help to us in the back half of the season. Can’t say I’m thrilled about Wasdin, even given what he did last night. I don’t see him as a permanent piece of the puzzle at all.
We go home now to play the Braves. Hopefully being at home helps out, as we could use several wins, and I’m not confident about getting ’em against the Braves and the surprisingly good Nationals this coming weekend.
(For those of you who don’t get the “Topes Win” reference, it’s a Simpsons gag.)
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