G59: The stink continues with a 12-5 pounding by Florida on Friday

After the debacle in Philadelphia (which my brother properly taunted me over), I figured we’d be OK. Nope. We went into Florida and continued to stink up the joint – dare I say, like rotten fish? Get it? Marlins? Fish? Har-har. :) The stink brigade was led by Doug Brocail, who gave up FIVE earned runs in his total of .1IP. Brian Shouse wasn’t far behind, giving up two runs in his 1.3 IP. And bringing up the rear in this stink brigade is good ol’ Chan Ho. He gave up 5ER in his 4.2 IP. Not horrible, but let’s face it. It’s Chan Ho. :)
The capper was Mike Lowell’s grand slam. Lowell was batting about .025 this season it seemed, but of course came up big against us.
Did I mention the total lack of deodorant for out pitchers tonight? Man, they STUNK! The roster overhaul of this past week continued before Friday night’s game, although the way I feel at the moment, it won’t make much difference. John Wasdin? Somehow I don’t think he’s the answer.
But hey, the Yankees are under .500 and in fourth place – so that’ll brighten up my day.
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