G49: Rangers bomb Garland and ChiSox 12-4

Going into last Sunday’s game against the Astros, I don’t think most people thought Chan Ho Park had a shot in hell to beat Roy Oswalt. And he did. The further thought occurs that I think even fewer people figured Chan Ho could pull it off twice in a row, beating Jon Garland. But he did. That’s the most amazing thing about this 8 game winning streak to me – Chan Ho Park has won twice during it, and hasn’t been blasted out of the water, like he had been the last few years. We beat the White Sox – the team with the best record in baseball coming into this series 2 games out of 2 (third was lost in a rainout). That’s the first time our team has ever (including the Senators days) gone 8-0 in a homestand. Most impressive.
This game didn’t start out that way. After 5.5 innings, we were losing to Garland, 3-1. He was pitching well, and Chan Ho wasn’t. Chan Ho didn’t stink up the joint, but he did walk too many, and had too many jams. It’s quite amazing actually that he only gave up three. Anyway, Garland was doing well. Until the sixth when we just teed off on him. Hits were all over the place, and we put up a 6 spot to go up 7-3, and we didn’t look back. We added 5 more runs in the final two frames to really blow it open – something I don’t think anyone would have guessed.
Don’t have time to run down all the individual stats today (you can check out the box scores below). But I mean – wow. Now we’re going into Detroit, who has been playing better, but I think we match up well against. We should stomp on Kansas City (although we’ve had trouble there the last few years), and then we’re off to my hometown team Philadelphia. Not sure how we’ll do there. I just wish I could see them in person there.
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