G44: Rangers shut out Astros for sweep Sunday, 2-0

Going into this series, this was the game I figured myself and most Ranger fans had pretty much no hope on. Chan Ho Park vs Roy Oswalt. We’re going to lose 11-1. Even given the state of the Astros’ offense, it’s Chan Ho Park. So the final score of 2-0 was no surprise. The fact that Park beat Oswalt WAS a surprise.
Park was just as good as Oswalt was – and more so. Oswalt was what he always was. Great pitcher, doesn’t give you much. In fact, of the two runs we did get, just one was really “earned” (although officially they both were). The home run by Teixeira was the one I’m talking about. The one in the first we really didn’t – we got a triple off the glove of Houston’s centerfielder who doesn’t normally play there. Had the Astros played their regular CF, we wouldn’t have gotten that hit or that run, most likely.
But still. I’m shocked that Park won. A win is a win, but I’m starting to think this Park changing his delivery stuff has been working, and THAT scares me, because it means he’ll be here next year, too.
I was at this game, and man was it way too hot for a May game. This felt like the worst days in August. As it was a day game, my seats were in the sun all game (save for the 9th I believe). So I and all the other regular season ticket holders in my area abandoned our seats and went and sat up top in the shade. All but one guy and his friend who stayed in the sun – rookie mistake that is. :)