G42: Rangers open Interleague play with a win against the Astros Friday, 7-3

56 games. 59 scoreless innings, 2,632 games. Kenny’s streak wasn’t anywhere near those ones, but it certainly was impressive while it lasted. Kenny’s scoreless streak was broken up after 31.1 innings pitched. I think most everyone assumed it wouldn’t get near Orel’s record 59 (which Josh said on TV last night was in the mid 60’s if you count playoffs, too). I think people probably expected it to go a little deeper than 4 outs last night. But that’s OK – it was still a great game for Kenny, a win for the Rangers, and it was nice that it was broken up at home, so he could get an ovation.
But to me, the biggest event of the night wasn’t Kenny’s streak, it was Laynce Nix, who basically was the Texas Rangers last night. Laynce went 2 for 4 last night, but wow, was it productive. He had a total of 6 RBI’s (a career high) with a home run and a run scored. He definitely carried our team. In fact, if you take Nix out of the game, we had just 7 hits outside of him, and only one other RBI (Mench). This was definitely Kenny & Laynce’s nights.
We’re even hearing in the local press now that the Rangers want to extend his contract. Gee, I wonder why. Would be nice if it could get done in season, so we don’t have the crap of Boras holding us hostage with other teams’ (phantom, usually) offers. I wouldn’t mind picking up Kenny for another year or two.
I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the spectacular defense in the game turned in by the Rangers in the second. After Kenny’s streak was broken, our guys in the field kept it from getting a lot worse with TWO runners thrown out at the plate. One was on a throw from Laynce Nix direct to Alomar, and the other was from Mench in left to Mike Young as a cutoff. Both were great to watch, and the second I thought he was out, but a nice swipe tag from Alomar saved it. Was really odd to see two outs at the plate in the same inning like that.
It was also nice to see Nolan Ryan again – he was in the booth with Josh & Tom for awhile. Miss seeing him around the park.
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