G39: Rangers ride Mench’s power to a 7-6 win on Monday

This game definitely had some rollercoaster moments. We started off early with Dellucci getting on base. Then he got thrown out stealing. Then Mench hit a home run. Then in the bottom of the first, Chan Ho Park gave up a grand slam which was fueled by a couple of walks. I got immediately disgusted. Even with our habit of coming back, a grand slam in the first inning is pretty much a statement made by a team, and even though we ended up winning the game, I still felt down because of the grand slam.
Speaking of Dellucci, he did have an odd trifecta of making outs this game. IN the first, he walked and was caught stealing. Later he walked again, but was picked off of first. And finally, in an odd way of finishing that, Dellucci was attempting to steal second again when Kevin Mench struck out, and David was called out on (rather obvious) batter’s interference on Mench’s part. All we needed was for him to get hit by a batted ball and be called out. :)
Kevin Mench did make up for his interference outs by hitting a game winning home run in the top of the 9th, which led to a 1-2-3 league leading 13th save by CoCo Cordero. But Kevin wasn’t absent from the goofiness tonight, even taking the interference call into play. There was one point where he was just taking his practice swing inbetween pitches, and on one of them, he went and wailed on AJ Pierzynski’s catcher’s mask, and knocked it clean off his face. Was an amusing clip, as you don’t normally see things like that. Reminded me of that bit from a couple of seasons ago when Arod was doing his “tap the bat on the plate” to start his at bat, and the bat shattered on the plate. Just the kind of thing you don’t normally see.
Tomorrow’s game looks like a lopsided win for the White Sox on paper. Pedro Astacio who has been uneven at best goes against Jon Garland, who has been nothing short of brilliant this season. The potential for an ugly night on Tuesday really exists. :)
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