G38: Rangers lose series finale Sunday to Twins, 5-2

Before this game, Gary Matthews Jr was placed on the DL with a hamstring problem (prompting the calling up of Andres Torres, a spring training surprise). While one never feels good about players going on the DL, I have to say the injury problem that cropped up during Sunday’s game was a bit worse than Matthews trip. Perhaps not “worse”, but more troubling, as it was Mike Young. He left the game with lower back stiffness. He’s day to day, but it can’t be good. Hopefully it’s not something that will carry on long. I’m sure Mark DeRosa can be a capable SS, but I doubt he’s a long term answer if Mike Young has to go on the DL or something.
As for this game, Chris Young showed a bit of why we wanted him signed and not let to go play basketball at the end of last season. CY went only five innings, but allowed just two runs, and probably pitched well enough to carry a win, but Ron Mahay let that go by the waysides with 3ER in his 1.2 IP. CY did have a really high pitch count, he tossed 96 through five innings. Not good there, but if you overlook his pitch count, he was pretty decent from what little of the game I did get to watch. The game was definitely a letdown as we could have swept the Twins, who are not playing terribly well right now. Wasn’t helped by Brad Radke only allowing 2 runs over his seven innings. Joe Nathan bounced back from his fiasco on Friday night to nail down a save.
Hidalgo went 1 for 3 – nothing special, but it raised his batting average a few more points. In fact, none of our hitters had more than one hit apiece, although Kevin Mench did have a home run, and both Mike Young and Dellucci had doubles, so we weren’t totally dominated, it just felt that way. :)
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