G37: Kenny Rogers is masterful in 5-0 shutout of Twins Saturday

This night (and the last few he’s been out there) have belonged to Kenny Rogers. The only bad thing about all his recent success is that I see Scott Boras seeing more dollar signs from this performance. That scares me. But in the meantime, we have to be enjoying his 30 straight innings of shutout ball. On this night, Kenny tossed a 6 hit complete game shutout with no walks and 2K’s, and 104P. Mostly due to Kenny, this was an extremely crisp game, coming in at only two hours and seven minutes. What else can you say about that? Rogers was magnificent.
On the other side of the coin, Hidalgo had a good night for two nights in a row, going 2-4 with one run scored. His average after this game is now “up to” .200. He’ll need another dozen or so of these nights to make a major change in his batting average. I really want him to do well. But he’s seemed sluggish all season.
But this night was about Kenny. Couldn’t be a whole lot better. Makes me wonder if he has another no hitter or a perfect game in him, as he’s danced with both a few times in the last few years. I wonder how many more scoreless innings Kenny has to toss before we start seeing footage of Orel Hershisher’s streak. :)
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