G36: Rangers win in extra innings against Twins Friday, 9-6

If the bullpen lost the game for us in the last game, in this one it was the saviour. Ryan Drese was looking like the 2003 and earlier edition of himself again (another disturbing trend I’ll get into when I have more time). Drese gave up 6ER on 9H in his 3.2IP. But the bullpen allowed us to win the game. The bullpen pitched 7 innings of shutout ball, giving up just 3 hits and 2 BB with 8 K’s. An impressive performance by our gang. Too bad Drese appears to be regressing, and can’t match the performance that got him off the hook.
Richard Hidalgo had the kind of game we brought him in to have in this one. He was 3 for 5 with 2 runs scored, and 2 RBI. He’s still below the Mendoza line, which is sad, as it’s where Jordan was last year when he was considered a failure. If this carries on much longer, I wonder how long we’ll continue with Hidalgo. It’s a shame, as it doesn’t seem like he’s really awful, but when you look at his numbers, you have to shrug your shoulders. If we talke Hidalgo out of the lineup, that means we’d probably go with an outfield of Mench, Nix, & Matthews.
We did get to Twins closer Joe Nathan for 3 runs in the 11th inning, something that was definitely out of the ordinary, as Nathan hadn’t allowed an earned run up until that point all season. That was nice to see. We’re back to two games over .500 – about where we seem to have gotten – not too far up, not too far down. Feels like a .500 year at the moment, doesn’t it?
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