G35: Rangers lose Thursday, 6-5 to Tigers

So far this season, we’ve done pretty well in daytime games. This was a getaway day afternoon game. I forget what our record is, something like 7-3 or something – I’m really not sure of the numbers. But we didn’t help that record today, losing 6-5 to the Tigers, to drop the series to them in the rubber game.
Pedro Astacio, who by all accounts was on thin ice with his last few pitching performances, saved his spot in the starting rotation – for now. He went six innings, giving up two runs on 6 hits. Additionally, he had 4K’s, and no walks – the no walks probably was the biggest point since the runs came on a home run – could have been worse with walks.
Offensively, we were pretty efficient, getting 5 runs on 7 hits. Alomar & Mench both had multi hit games. Dellucci had a pinch hit home run – which is always exciting to see.
Overall, it was a pretty decent game, until the bullpen came in. Our relievers (Loe, Mahay, Brocail) gave up 4 runs (3ER) in their 3IP. None of them was unscathed, and basically lost the game for us. Overall, our bullpen hasn’t been great this year, but it’s kind of felt (to me) that it’s come around a little lately, so this was a step backwards in my eyes.
Thursday is an offday (hate ’em), but with my family coming in town for my daughter’s christening, I likely won’t get to watch much baseball this weekend anyway.
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