G28: Rangers win 6-1 on Tuesday

We’re back to 500 again. 28 games in, we’re at .500 and are in second place, 2.5 games back. Not too bad. Not great, as we seem to be stuck in quicksand in both the pitching and hitting departments. Although you wouldn’t know it the last two games in Oakland. Let’s see if we can win 3 games in a row this season (a first) and get over .500. :)
Last night was an odd game offensively. We actually were outhit by Oakland 9-7. But we bunched a couple of hits behind a few walks, and a gift infield hit for a 5 spot in the 6th, which was the difference in the game. In fact, pitching wise, this game went much like the night before, with a pitcher doing really fabulously well until he just broke down and allowed a bunch of hits/runs.
Chris Young had a pretty decent line – he went 5.2 IP, 7H, 0R, 3BB, 3K. It’s always good when you don’t allow any runs, but he did have 10 baserunners during his 5.2IP, which means he was in hot water a couple of times. I liked he tossed a shutout during his time, a little disturbing his WHIP was almost 2. We used four relievers in this game (Regilio, Mahay, Brocail, Shouse), and the only blip between all of them was the HR that Ron Mahay allowed to Durazo to bust up the shutout. Overall, our entire pitching line was quite fabulous, with an ERA of 1.00 for the game.
I’m starting to hear rumblings that Soriano is whining about his being moved to fifth place. He doesn’t want to move to SS, he doesn’t want to play OF. He doesn’t want to bat anywhere else besides fifth, he doesn’t want to run unless it’s exactly right. Uh, it sounds like he’s a candidate to be moved with all the whining. Move him in July and play Esteban German or Ian Kinsler permanently at second. I think Mike Young probably is better served now staying at shortstop. I always assumed he’d go back to 2B after Soriano goes, but I now feel it’s better he stay where he is.
Yankees Watch: They got bombed 11-4 by the Devil Rays. Kevin Brown gave up 6 runs in the first – Buhahahaha!
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