G5: Rangers pull out a thrilling win, 7-6 on Saturday

Let’s hear it for the new guys!
This was a game where our new acquisitions had a major part in the win today. First off is Pedro Astacio. I have to admit I was in the camp of “Why the hell did we sign this guy”? He struck me a someone who wouldn’t pitch will in our park, he has a history of big ERA’s, etc… So it was much to my amazement, and I suspect every Rangers fan, that he was absolutely masterful today. He went seven innings, giving up 6 hits, only 2 runs with seven strikeouts, and NO walks. Watching his fastball tail back in against left handers was stunning – there was some pinpoint control, he was getting both corners. It really made me excited to see him pitch again. If he keeps this up all season – wow, would that be a steal of a signing.
The other new guys who were a big deal today were Richard Hidalgo and Sandy Alomar. Alomar was someone again who most Ranger fans thought “Uh, why?” But for this day, he was really on the ball with his offense. He went 3 for 4 with 3 RBI’s. They were all singles, but hey, they were productive, as he drove in three. Richard Hidalgo, who made some nice running catches in the field was only 1 for 5 today, but WOW was the one a big one. It was a two run home run in the ninth to give us the win. On TV we saw him running the bases with his arms both outstretched. Was a great moment. Can’t forget Hank Blalock’s two run home run too, which was set up my Mr. Boone. :)
So let’s hear it for the new guys! Something else that’s new that I didn’t care for is this really nasty trend the first week for the bullpen to not be able to hold anything. I know Almanzar & Francisco aren’t here, but that alone shouldn’t account for the almost total collapse of the bullpen. I don’t have numbers to back up this feeling, but it seems that everyone they bring up lights it up. It feels like spring training again, only with guys that matter instead of the guys you won’t be seeing again like you get in spring training. I mean – OUCH! At least Cordero got a save today, although he was very Wetteland like in allowing two men on base before closing the door.
The end of the game was definitely a rollercoaster, what with allowing four runs in the bottom of the 8th to blow the lead, and then scoring 4 runs in the top of the ninth to win it. A most enjoyable finish to the game, if the road to get there wasn’t so wonderful. It saves us from the embarrassing potential start of 1-4. We’re 2-3 now, which is just fine, as the rest of our division is pretty much with that same record. :)
Still, a win is a win, and I’m really encouraged by Astacio’s performance today.
P.S. Thanks again, Bret Boone. That really helped.
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  1. oddibe says

    The bullpen is trashed. I wouldn’t be surprised if another guy gets sent down before the home opener and fresh arm comes up from OKC.

  2. Douglas says

    I watched the game right up until the 9th inning because i had to leave for work, so as i was leaving i was contemplating the assasination of Alfonso Soriano for his error at 1st. But what a finish, reminds me of a few games from last season. Anyway Pedro was awsome and the bottom third of the linup was awsome. The Rangers need to figure out what happened to their bullpen from last year because our bullpen this year sucks. We have had 3 blown saves in the last 2 games. We are now 2-3 and our magic number drops to 158

  3. Ria says

    Really pleased with the new guys – all three look like they will do a good job for us.
    I’m probably the only person not overly concerned about the bullpen at the moment to be honest. I think as soon as Frankie and Carlos are back in there and Coco gets some more innings under his belt (because he missed some games in spring training) we’ll be fine there.
    It was a great game – I just hope we win a blow-out soon, these close games aren’t good for you this early in the season.