ST25: Rangers slug it out to win against Brewers Sunday, 10-6

This game started off pretty much like one would want it to. The starting pitcher was great, we got off to a lead early, and it held up. Kenny Rogers went 4 strong innings, giving up just one hit, one walk, and had six strikeouts, for no runs. The guys who followed for the next 3 innings (Montero, Bukvich, & Feldman) all gave up a total of no runs and 2 hits (both by Feldman). It was looking like a walkway win, a great one with great pitching.
Then we hit the eighth inning. RA Dickey came on for the eighth, and after some glowing praise by Josh Lewin (might have been Tom Grieve, I can’t remember now), he proceeded to not only let the Brewers back in the game (at that point, we were winning 4-0), but let them tie and then TAKE the lead by giving up an ugly six spot. After the top of the 8th, we were losing 6-4. Dickey was totally ineffective in this game, and even gave up a balk.
That was pretty disheartening. But in an inning that had shades of last May against the Tigers, we managed to pull off our own six spot in the bottom of the frame to retake the lead, and the game. I believe we had 7 straight singles at one point – although at least one of them probably should have been an error. It was nice to see the team (although at this point, the regulars were all out of the game) come back. Laynce Nix was a later inning replacement, and went 2 for 2 with 2 RBI’s. In fact, two was the number of the day, as several of our guys had two hits.. Soriano, Mike Young, Adrian Gonzalez, Mark Teixeira, & Kevin Mench. A pretty nicely balanced attack.
The bonus for me was that this was the first Rangers game on TV with Josh & Tom. There were two games on ESPN earlier in the spring, but we didn’t have our guys in the booth. This time we did. It’s likely going to be the only spring TV game I get to see, as there are two this weekend, but my brother will be in visiting, so I doubt I’ll be watching much Ranger baseball.
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