ST Game 5: Rangers lose to Cubs, 9-4

This was the first time we got to see the Rangers on TV this season. However, it wasn’t our TV guys, it was the ESPN crew, none of which really excited me, as the guy they had doing play by play is their hockey guy, isn’t it?
Anyway, Nick Regilio, who had a looksee last year as one of the 17 guys we had start games in 2004 was the starter. He went 2.1 innings, and gave up just one run on 3 hits, although he walked two. In fact, I believe one of the walks was the run he gave up. However, the next two pitchers kind of stunk up the joint. Lou Pote, who I don’t expect to be on the roster come April gave up 3 runs on 3 hits in 1.2 innings, which included two HR’s. However, Nick Masset didn’t do much better. He also went 1.2, but gave up 7 hits, and 5ER! Eeek! The remaining three pitchers we used (Hughes, Bukvich, & Nunez) didn’t give up anything in the combined 3.1 IP between them.
Offensively, not a lot going on. The four RBI’s were from Kinsler, Dellucci, Colbrunn, & Kevin Mench. Mike Young was the only player with more than one hit (he went 2-3).
I’m feeling better, although not totally clear of the health issues I had this past week, so I should be a bit more timely in my updates.
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