ST Game 2: Rangers bomb Royals 17-13

Ranger management is on record as saying that Chan Ho Park has to earn his roster spot this year, that he’s not going to be guaranteed it just because he has a boatload of cash invested. He did not help himself on Friday. Chan Ho went two innings, gave up 3ER, 5 hits, including one home run. Now granted, we gave up a total of 13 runs, so Park wasn’t the only one with a bad line. But of the 5 Ranger pitchers who gave up runs (we had 7 total), Park is the only one threatened with a loss of a roster spot if he doesn’t pitch well. And I’m sure most Ranger fans would probably cheer his release. I’m kind of ambivalent towards it. Sure, I want to team to do good, and he’s not helping, but I saw the festive atmosphere from the Korean fans when he WAS doing good, and I wished it could have been something that worked. Oh well. If he has another of these, I suspect the talk will probably start in earnest about letting him go.
If I read the box score right, we only actually had two home runs to account for the 17 runs we had. Mench & Adrian Gonzalez were both 3 for 4, and …. aw hell, there’s too much offense to just list it – check the box score below. I didn’t write this until about 36 hours after the game was played, so I have not much to add, but it definitely was nice to see a win, even if we did give up a boatload ourselves.
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