ST Game 13: Rangers finally win, 1-0

The Rangers finally won again for the first time in almost a week. We won the first of the day’s two games. This was the split squad game against the Rockies. We won 1-0 in 10 innings.
I sat here at work refreshing this page. I kept seeing the zeroes pile up in the line score. Got past the ninth, and I wondered how long they would continue a split squad game in extra innings. It was a fast mover, going 2:45 for 10 innings, but there were virtually zero runs, and no TV to bog things down, so that’s probably why these things move much faster in spring training. :)
Anyway, even before I saw a box score (which I still haven’t seen as I write this), I knew it would be all about pitching. 10 innings, and only one total run, there was definitely some pitching going on.
RicRod continues to show he is picking up right where he left off when he got hurt last summer. He went 4.2 innings gave up no runs, and just three hits. Ron Mahay & Erasmo Ramirez followed, and between the two of ’em, they pitched 4.1 innings. No runs, just two hits (both by Eraser). The final frame was pitched by Keith Stamler (a name I don’t recognize), and he got the win. Overall, 10IP, 0R, 5H, 6K, 5BB. I suppose the five walks are the worst thing, but we didn’t get burnt by ’em.
Offensively, obviously not much happened, either. He had a total of 9 hits. Only one player (Joaquin Arias, 2) had more than 1 hit. I would have loved to have seen this game myself, this must have been a fun one to behold.
You can view my full update for this game here.


  1. Derek Rodriguez says

    Just got back 10 minutes ago… really good game!!! Sat 1 row/4 feet away from Hicks/Jones/Hart! Really Cool game. Too bad they lost the nightcap! Loved Surprise!