ST Game 12: Rangers drop 5th in a row, 10-6

The Rangers dropped their fifth in a row to the Angels this afternoon by the score of 10-6. It started out OK. In fact, it started out GREAT! Chan Ho Park pitched four innings, gave up no runs, one hit (which was a bunt single), and had two strikeouts. He even didn’t have his random hit by pitch he always seems to have. But I hate it when Park does this, because we all know he’ll be right back to the old ChoP we know and love and give up 600 runs the next time out. I’m tired of being teased like this by him. He might even put out a good performance next time. But it won’t last. Let’s cut him now. Put someone else in there.
The next two pitchers actually kept us in the game. Carlos Almanzar and Vlad Nunez gave up no earned runs, although Nunez had an unearned one. But then not only did the wheels fall off the wagon, but the wagon itself fell apart. Jason Stanridge gave up 7 runs (6ER) in his inning of work, and Kameron Loe gave up two runs (1ER) of his own following that. The wagon destroying 8th inning had the Angels had the first 9 batters reach without an out; they sent a total of 14 that inning. The Rangers comitted 3 errors, and gave up a total of 9 runs. We were winning the game 4-1 at that point, but were losing 10-4 at the end of the inning. This is the point where people who write about the team say that “it’s just spring training, and these guys aren’t going to be here come April anyway”. That’s true, but man, does a 9 spot look UGLY up there.
Offensively, we had a total of 12 hits. Rod Barajas went 3 for 3 with a double & Adrian Gonzalez was 2 for 4 and an RBI to lead the charge. No home runs, but Hank Blalock had a triple. Mike Young also had a double and two RBI’s. The offense was mostly scattered around.
We’re now down five in a row to 4-8.
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