G147: Rangers lose to A’s, Zito 9-3

When this game started I figured we’d have no chance. Barry Zito vs. Ryan Drese. However, Drese hung with Zito, and in the third inning we did something unheard of and scored three runs at a time against Zito. Drese stayed with it, and gave up just one run through six innings, and was surprisingly looking like a good pitcher.
Then the wheels fell off in the 7th. We gave up a 5 spot in the 7th, and then three more in the 9th for good measure. We give up 6 walks, a sure recipe for disaster. The shame of this game is that Drese looked good, and pitched well enough for a win, save for the 7th inning. Disappointing, but I can’t say I’m surprised.
At least Anaheim lost, but I think if we rely on games solely against Anaheim to catch up to them, it’ll be bad. We have got to pick up more ground before we play them head to head.
Game notes are here.