G138: Rangers beat Royals, 7-3

The rain from yesterday still seemed to be here today, as this game was played almost entirely in the rain – we certainly started in the rain.
However, it was a bombs away day, as the bulk of the offense was provided by the longball (there’s a shocker). Well, alright, maybe not, as only three of the runs came from the longball, but a couple more came off of what should have been Texieira’s third HR of the day – he missed a three run HR by about a foot, and drove in a couple more.
Our most schizophrenic pitcher (Colby Lewis) showed us the Dr. Jekyll side of himself again, but I get the feeling next time out Mr. Hyde will be there (or is the the other way around). Either way I’m confused, as I’m sure the Rangers are, because you never know what you’ll get when Lewis starts the game. Kind of a shame, as he should be further along than he is – I just keep hoping. But then again the Rangers keep hoping Justin Thompson will do something too. :)
Game notes are here.