G136: Rangers shut out by Twins, 2-0

We had yet another starter this night – Mickey Calloway who we picked up off the scrap heap recently. However, he didn’t pitch like he belonged there, he kept the Twins to just two runs over 6 innings, and looked quite good. However, Johan Santana was much better, giving up donut until he had to leave the game with an injury. Hopefully Calloway can continue to pitch well.
I was at this game, and sat through the 1.5 hour rain delay. It was nice, because I talked to a father & son who were visiting the ballpark on one of those “See all the ballparks” tours (not a packaged one, they were doing it themselves). It was nice to talk to some folks who really knew baseball, and didn’t just know “Arod”.
Game notes are here.

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