G124: Rangers sweep away the dirty Sox, 6-4

Yeah, not the best pun for a sweep socks title, but its’ the best I could come up with right now. When this game started, I didn’t think we really had a chance of sweeping Chicago. I figured they were too good to lose all three against the Rangers. I guess that’s the kind of mentality one gets after watching their team be in the basement for almost 3 years in a row.
However, we got out to a 3-0 lead after two innings, and it felt good, because there were several doubles in there, not just a 3 run home run. However, Juan “What’s my name this start” Dominguez gave back the three plus one in the 3rd & 4th. So we’re behind. Then nothing much happens in the middle innings there until the bottom of the 6th when Arod jacks a ball onto Greene’s Hill to tie the game again. Actually, something did happen. Jay Powell came out of the bullpen and pitched like the guy we thought we were signing when we picked him up. Three innings, no runs, one hit. That was the longest outing of his career, too.
Arod came up again in the bottom of the 7th with two men on base, and tripled to right field, scoring both runners to take the lead back, and cap the scoring.
One nice moment in the 9th – Carl Everett got a hit, the 1,000th of his career. Too bad he wasn’t still a Ranger, or they would have announced that over the PA. Game notes are here.