G123: Rangers beat ChiSox again, 12-8

This game was destined to be a blowout from the start. While the usual south winds weren’t going as much as normal, killing most of the jet stream (there were three other balls that could have been home runs, but died at the fence), the teams did manage to pile up twenty runs all told. We jumped out to a 5 run lead in the first inning, but coughed it up by giving the Sox a 6 spot in the 3rd. Fortunately, we took that right back, and never gave up the lead again, getting out to a 12-6 lead after the fourth. We never scored again, but did allow the Sox to get two more in the 7th.
Was definitely a night with something for everyone. Lots of offense early, and a bunch of pitching as well (after the fourth that is). I’m kind of surprised we’re beating up on the Sox like this – I expected them to win the series, not us.
Tonight we go for a sweep. Game notes are here.