G121: Rangers beat Tigers 6-3

I was at this game last night, and I went with a good friend of mine who I always end up talking with during the game, so while I was there, I even managed to score the game, for some reason it didn’t feel like I was there paying attention to the game.
John Thomson went 7 innings, giving up three runs. He wasn’t electric, but he certainly got the job done, and basically pitched us into the win. Fultz & Cordero came on and put up a couple of donuts to seal it out. Also on Thomson, there was a big thing on the Rangers post game show about resigning him afterwards. We got a home run by Shane Spencer, who I’m now thinking might be resigned next year to be the “Veteran outfielder” for this group, as it doesn’t look like Rusty Greer can make an appearance until 2005, if ever again.
One amusing thing, Texas governor Rick Perry threw out the first ball, and when he was doing that, he yelled out “You suck, Perry!” to which the usher in Section 16 (where I was sitting) came over to us and told him “Uh, that is inappropriate language, please do not talk that way, someone might be offended”. Boy, did she say that to the wrong person. While he was not a problem afterwards, it was a major rolling of the eyes after that. I tend to agree – the word “Suck” is offensive? Now if it was a profanity laced remark, I could understand that, but coming down on someone for the word “suck” is a bit of an overzealous usher, I think.
Oops, I said suck quite a few times, I think someone might now be offended. Sorry. Game notes are here.