G119: Rangers lose to Detroit, 7-4

Juan “Don’t call me Jose” Dominguez made his major league debut last night. And he seemed to breeze through the first four innings. In fact, so did Jeremy Bonderman for the Tigers. He did not look like a pitcher who was 5-15. There was some really great pitching on both sides for the first four innings. Then it fell apart in the top of the 5th. Dominguez lost it (right after Tom Grieve said “Buck just wants him to get through this inning and get a win” (or something like that)) and gave up four runs, and the lead. Shouse & Powell combined to give up three more in the sixth, and that was about all she wrote.
Sure the Tigers are a major league team, but I didn’t want to lose to them, especially since the Angels also lost last night, that would have gotten us closer to getting out of last place. Darnit.
Still, it was nice to see Dominguez out there. Nice to see a young pitcher out there instead of all these young position players this season. Great to see young players, but I’d rather see young pitching that does well more than young position players, especially since our young position players now seem to be entrenched (referring to our “Roaring 20’s” infield).
Oh, it was good to see our old buddy Danny Patterson out there again. He looked much better (skinnier) than he did with us, and the Vulcan was still there.
Game notes are here.