G118: Rangers wait out rain; beat Tigers 9-3

Well, my wife and I were at this game. We only actually got to see an inning and 2 outs. It started raining, which was the first rain delay I had to sit through in quite some time. It actually got to the point where I thought they might play. But then while they were tinkering with the tarp, it started raining again. During that Chuck Morgan came over the PA and said you could exchange tickets for this game for any other game whether the Rangers played or not. Given that my wife had to get up before 6AM to go to work, I decided to take ’em up on that offer, and head out early. They started playing almost before I got back home to Garland, so I checked it out on the TV.
We won the game, as we should against the Tigers, but it didn’t feel like the dominating performance it should have been, even given the score of 9-3. Perhaps it was just me, but I was expecting something like 15-1 or something like that. :) I feel bad for the Tigers, I know I’d be there all the time if I lived in Detroit, I always support my team, but yeesh, that’s a lot of losing. I also felt like we should have capitalized more on the bases loaded no one out in the first inning – we got just one.
I also noticed we had several former Rangers on the Tigers starting lineup (Warren Morris, Craig Monroe, & Carlos Pena). And if I’m not mistaken, there was one other in the bullpen (Danny Patterson), as well as one on the disabled list (Dean Palmer). Would have been nice to see Deano again, since I suspect he’ll retire after this season.
Game notes are here.