G117: Rangers beat Blue Jays, 5-4

Not much to say about this one. I watched it, but other than the goofy play in the first inning that we got an out on an appeal play, I don’t recall anything particularly noteworthy.
For the record, the Jays hit a line drive that hit off of Colby Lewis and bounced to Hank Blalock for an out. Blalock then threw the ball to first expecting to double off the runner, but it sailed into the stands. Everyone seemed to think that was the end of it, that the Jays runner was awarded third. When play resumed, Buck Showalter appealed the play to second base, and their runner was called out. Apparently, the runner had to return to first base, then be awarded third. Since he didn’t do that, he was called out. Quite a bizarre play.
Arod got another home run. We’re only 3 games behind the Angels from escaping the f’in basement! :)
Game notes are here.