G90: Rangers sweep Twins behind 9-4 win

There’s something we don’t normally get – a sweep. And it was against a team that’s generally considered to be pretty good (just about two weeks ago they were in first place). We’ve been playing well the last few weeks – very nice to see.
Normally, you say you win games with pitching and defense. Well, tonight it wasn’t exactly defense, as we made a couple of errors (one by Arod), but we did with pitching and offense. Our offense was home run driven – 8 of the nine runs scored by the long ball. Two home runs by Juan, and one each by Mike Young and Mark Teixeira.
Joaquin Benoit looked sharp again. Don’t want to get too excited, because when I do that, someone starts pitching bad – but it was nice to see another good outing from him.
It was also really great to see Josh Lewin rendered totally speechless in the pre-game show when they had actor
Burton Gilliam show up. Burton was in the movie Blazing Saddles, and that’s Josh’s all time favorite movie. Josh didn’t know he was coming, and was rendered mute on two occasions – was a great moment.
I did miss a few minutes of the game here and there, as I had a power blackout, as well as some rain fade on my DirecTV system due to the heavy storms in Garland.
Game notes are here.