G89: Rangers pitch well again; beat Twinkies 4-1

A wonderfully pitched ballgame. From both sides. It was nice to see old friend Kenny Rogers back here again, and not surprisingly, he picked the blue uniform top for the Twins – something he did all the time in Texas. I still wish he was here, and I bet he does too, despite the public claims to the contrary. That’s twice now Scott Boras screwed him up in his dealings with the Rangers.
Anyway, the game was rare, a low scoring Rangers win. For the longest time it was just 1-0, off Mark Teixeira’s solo HR in the second inning. Benot kept us in the lead until Torii Hunter jacked a mammoth home run to left, going over the seats in left field. That was it for the Twins, though – as our pen (Shouse, Cordero, Urbina) didn’t give up any more runs on the way to Urbina’s 200th career save.
Laynce Nix was called up to replace Kevin Mench on the roster, but didn’t play.
I also got a big laugh out of the Rangers Captain being on TV in the “fake portion” of the hot dog eating contest. :)
Game notes are here.