G87: Rangers pitch well, beat M’s 5-1

Another good day to be a Ranger fan. First off, we got a very nicely pitched 5-1 win against the best team in baseball at the moment. Ismael Valdes looked good, not like that train wreck he looked like the last few starts.
But the best news of the day was that two and a half Rangers were named to the All-Star team. Alex Rodriguez is the starting shortstop, and that’s no surprise. The other player is Hank Blalock, who was picked as the backup in the players’ vote. He really outdistanced his closest competition for the spot – that was really nice to see. The half was that Carl Everett was also named to the All-Star team as a DH. Carl’s a White Sock now, but he got the award on his playing time with the Rangers – that was great.
Don’t have a whole lot of time to write today – it being Monday at work and all. :)
Game notes are here.