G84: Rangers eek out win over Halos, 6-5

It was a good night to be a Ranger fan (something I don’t get to say much anymore). Tony Mounce looked really good again. He had a curveball that reminded me of Barry Zito’s at times – it had some wonderful movement. I’m not claiming he’s Barry Zito of course – I’m not that naive. It’s just he looked awfully good at points. He went 5.1 innings, and got his first major league win. Rosman Garcia slipped a bit, giving up a couple in under an inning, but Shouse, Cordero, & Urbina gave up nothing, with Urbina getting his 22nd save. I know Urbina will be gone, but I wish we were a bit better – I’ve really enjoyed his time here.
However, I think the biggest story was Hank Blalock getting two home runs tonight, one to each side of the field. Juan Gonzalez came through with a two RBI hit (might help his rumored trade to the Dodgers with Mike Lamb). Overall, it was a good game to be a Ranger fan, and while we let the Angels back into the game, we hung on and got the win.
We split in Anaheim, won in Houston before that, and had a winning road trip. This can’t be our Rangers, can it? :) Now we’re home for awhile, and we play the Mariners. We’re 21 games behind them in the standings. It could be much uglier after this weekend.
Game notes here.

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