G82: Rangers lose to Angels, 7-5

Well, we lost this game, and it got out of hand in the first couple of innings, as Ismael Valdes gave up a bunch of runs again. He gave up 7 in 5 innings, and while the linescore says he only had 5 earned runs, that’s still too many, and he really deserved all 7. RA Dickey, Brian Shouse, and Jay Powell (!!!) didn’t give up anything, so I guess that’s good.
We tried to mount a comeback in the 8th inning when we got the second home run of the game from Mike Young, as well as one from Arod to bring the game to 7-5, but all that did was bring out Troy Percival, which means there’s nothing else to do except make outs.
However, the news of the day was the trade of Carl Everett to the White Sox. I have to admit, I really didn’t want to see him go, and while I know it will help our club, I have had a major turn of heart on Everett. I still think he’s too slow to play centerfield, but he’s been a great citizen here, and hasn’t caused any problems. I really was kind of hoping he’d stay. Instead, we’re stuck with Gonzalez and no Everett for the rest of the season.