G75: Rangers win 7-6, despite themselves.

We won, but God knows we tried to blow it giving up 3 runs in the top of the 9th. Mark Teixeira looks good, and I have to admit, I was on the bandwagon that said he should be in the minors. He’s certainly turned it around, and I enjoy seeing him come up to bat. Carl Everett jacked a home run off of Chad Bradford again. That’s Carl’s third I believe, and Bradford has given up just 5 home runs total to everyone – I think Carl pretty much owns him.
Our kids have pitched awesome the last few nights. Ramos last night, Mounce before that, and Benoit (although he SHOULD pitch better as he has more experience). It’s funny how a few good pitching performances change your outlook. We may not need the horse to pitch after all. :)
However, the news of the day was the Gonzalez (almost) trade. I wrote about it in my forums already, so you can just check out that thread here – don’t really need to repeat myself here. I’m now firmly in the camp that Juan needs to go. If he decides to force the issue and stay here, he should be released.
Anyway, it’s a sad state of affairs when a win gets zero talk at all – it’s like “The Stars are letting Derian Hatcher walk – the Rangers tried to trade Juan – and oh yeah, we won”.
Game notes here.