G71: Oh dear. Rangers lose big, 12-3

OK, the Astros come back to town for the Lone Star Series. Does the change in opponent make a difference? Hell no . We lost 12-3. It actually was closer than that until the 9th inning when the entire team seemed to Jay Powell; giving up 7 runs in the top of the 9th to effectively remove any real chance we had of coming back to win this.
I was there. There wasn’t much else to write about – except I got a pretty decent hat as a giveaway item. Oh, and someone popped by again (dude, I’m sorry I keep forgetting your name) to say hello to me. I also seem to have abandoned scoring games on paper, and have gone to scoring games on my Palm PDA using a program called Scorepad.
What? Write about the game? Feh – there’s nothing worth writing about, except maybe Arod had a home run. :)
Game notes here, and addtl notes here.