G63: Rangers lose to Mets, 8-2

So much for that winning streak.
Victor Santos started for us, and pitched like well.. not Nolan Ryan. Seriously, he pitched like a kid who doesn’t seem to believe he belongs here. I didn’t feel the Rangers were really bad, but it was yet another in the long list of games that just got away, without anything massively huge happening. I suppose Cliff Floyd with his 5 RBI’s was a big deal, but I never felt blown out in this one, even despite the score.
The Mets starter (Jae So, a Korean) did one thing I thought was very cool – and something our culture probably would never do. When an umpire gives him the ball, he removes his cap and bows to him. I rather liked that – nice to see someone with some respect for those in charge of the game. I wish more would have that kind of respect for the game.
We had a lot of balls that died on the warning track. We probably should have been right in this one score wise; maybe even have won it. However, we had quite a few die before going out, including one (who I forget hit it) get caught at the absolute deepest part of the park – the nook at the 407 sign in right center. :(
Oh well, another loss. Another day closer to the point where we’re probably going to trade away a bunch of veterans.
More info about this game available on mlb.com here.