G62: Rangers finally win again; 9-7 over Mets

‘Topes Win! ‘Topes Win! ‘Topes Win! :)
The losing streak is over, powered by a rather balanced attack – everyone had at least one hit, plus we had four home runs (Raffy, Teixeira, Young, & Blalock). Teixeira’s one was quite impressive, going halfway up Green’s hill – for a distance I think of 445 feet. The furthest by a Ranger this season.
Our pitching was pretty decent, except for Jay Powell, who I think is on the same train that Yan & Van Poppel rode out of town. Powell gave up 3 hits, three earned runs in ZERO innings pitched. His ERA was 9.9 before that, now it’s 11.25. I think he needs to go, too. Thomson gave up 3 over 6, Fultz gave up 1 in 1.2, and Urbina had a four out save.
Not to mention I was sitting in the leather seats in the Gold Club – I won the KRLD Golden Moment contest, and had these seats. They were very cool in terms of comfort, both in the chair and the air conditioning. What I didn’t consider at all before the game is that you can’t hear Chuck Morgan in there, and while they do put the KRLD coverage on, the general chatter from the bar is so loud, that you can barely hear that. While it’s a comfortable place to watch a game, it’s certainly not the best in terms of baseball. You also cannot see the Jumbotron from in there. They do have TV’s which can be switched to the Jumbotron coverage, but it’s not quite the same. The tickets had a face value of $60 on them. I don’t know if I’d ever actually buy them, but as a freebie, it was definitely worth checking out.