G50: Rangers beat Devil Rays, 4-2

We’re back on the winning track after taking the first of two in Tampa 4-2. We had three home runs in this game. We almost had four, but one of those freaky catwalk things caused an Arod ball to be called a home run, and then it was reversed, and he didn’t get it. Still, we won, which is good. All four runs scored on home runs – one each by Teixeira, Gonzalez, & Palmeiro.
Our pitching was good. I was expecting Colby Lewis to stink up the joint again, but he pitched good. He went only 5 innings, but gave up just a single run. The four relievers we used (none of which was Van Poppel, who was essentially released before the game) combined for a total of one run. A nice pitching performance – hopefully we can win again Wednesday night, so we can get back to within one game of .500 and hopefully not lose when we get to Baltimore. :)
It was nice to see old friend Mike Venafro again – although I have to say he looked odd in a Tampa uniform – I wish he was still with the Rangers, I always liked him.