G42: Thaaaaa Yankees lose again, 5-2

Ismael Valdes comes off the DL, and something I’ve been waiting to happen for awhile now happened because of that. We designated Esteban Yan for assignment. I cringed when we first signed him, and continued to have bitter beer face every time he came in to pitch. He certainly threw more gas on the fire when he pitched, or at least stunk up the joint. I cannot say I’m sad to see him go at all. Wish we’d do the same with Chan Ho Park, but one can only dream so much, eh?
Anyway, Valdes was great coming back from the DL. He went five innings, giving up two runs, and the bullpen was great. Brian Shouse is someone who I admit to thinking “Who the hell is this?” when he was signed, and even in spring training. I was wrong there, he’s turned out to be pretty good. Cordero & Urbina closed it down to give us the first two in the Bronx, guaranteeing us a series win in New York. \o/
Offensively, we picked up 5 runs. No home runs, and it’s been a few games since we had one. Arod’s in a bad slump, he’s now something like 0 for his last 14 or so. In fact, the only extra base hit was a double by Teixeira. Nice to see some runs put up with small ball.
Dare we hope for a series sweep tomorrow? :)