G41: Thaaaaaaa Yankees lose 8-5

Boy, I have to say after the debacle in Boston, I wasn’t thrilled at the prospect of facing the Yankees and Roger Clemens going for win #299.
However, early, Clemens was wild, and with five walks, going up 4-1 by the second inning. When we went up 5 to 1 in the fourth, I was feeling good. Hank Blalock had a 3 run double early, barely missing a grand slam by less than a foot. Not everything was great, as Juan Gonzalez struck out four times, and hit into a double play. Blalock also struck out four times, too.
The Yankees did what they did best again, coming back late to tie the game. However, surprisingly, in the 8th inning we didn’t give up about 20 runs all at once (probably because Esteban Yan didn’t pitch) and went behind. It carried into the 12th when we loaded the bases again for Hank Blalock who hit his SECOND three run triple, winning the game.
Was a really great win. Makes me wonder where all this was when we were in Boston, though. :)