G37: Rangers win 17-10, but Raffy gets #500!

That’s pretty much the bottom line of this game. Yeah, the Rangers scored 17 runs. Yeah, we gave up 10. Yeah, I got sunburned sitting at the game, but it all doesn’t matter. Raffy got his 500th home run, and I was glad to say I was there to see it! It was funny, because when he popped out after the sixth inning, quite a few people left the stadium. Fools! I bet all of them that left will be telling folks that they were there to see it.
This was an odd game for me, because I always score the game. I had gotten comp tickets from my ticket agent, and was sitting in Sec 26 Row 23 – roughly 20 rows right behind home plate. However, I left the scorecard at home, and I can’t score on the one in the program, because I feel the scorecard is too restrictive, I track far more info than the basic stuff. So I didn’t score. I was watching the game, and as been chronicled, when Raffy came up for his final at bat, I had a feeling that he wasn’t going to do it. Even moreso when he was down to two strikes.
But then he did it. It was quite the moment. My wife was jumping up and down, and was all excited. I was trying to be all excited while still taking pictures and making sure I didn’t miss the moment. It was quite cool to be there (unlike the thousands of people that probably will say they were there when they weren’t).
I took a bunch of pictures from the game, you can check ’em out here. I know I didn’t write a lot, but it’s one of those “moments” that lives in your mind, but you find it hard to describe. I did have two armfuls of goose bumps while it was happening, though. :)